Some Perspective

The Black and White Report Rankings are based solely on performances over the Jan to Dec Award show year.

The rankings are calculated only on creative performance at the major regional and international award shows and the points associated with any award win are weighted in terms of difficulty as well.

For 2017,

we’re counting the Four International Shows and two Regional Shows. D&AD, One Show, Cannes Lions, LIA, Dubai Lynx and Loeries.

Pick up awards at these shows, pick up points in the B&W Report.

For 2018,

we’re counting the Six International Shows and two Regional Shows. D&AD, ADC, One Show, Cannes Lions, Clio, LIA, Dubai Lynx and Loeries.

CSR work will be have its own category list and will be ranked only in best as a CSR campaign and CSR organization list. As such the points for CSR work will not be counted in any network agency or individual rankings. Much as water and oil don’t mix, brand work cannot live alongside pro bono work designed to save lives and make the world a better place.


Point System,

Every win counts. Shortlists do not.

We attribute an adjusted points value system to each Gold, Silver and Bronze award.

We weigh award wins against the difficulty of winning across the different shows.

Award wins at Dubai Lynx, Loeries, LIA, Clio are valued at;

Grand Prix 10pts; Gold 7pts; Silver 5pts; and Bronze 3pts.

The Big International Shows count for more; and they all vary in points value based on difficulty and ratio of metals given in the previous year.

*For instance, Cannes Lions, award wins are valued at:

Gold 10pts; Silver 8pts; and Bronze 6pts.

The stakes get higher at D&AD, ADC, One Show because the difficulty and chances of winning are comparatively less, therefore each win is worth more.

However, the value of metals between the D&AD, One Show and ADC is also different between the three as well.

*(Cannes Lions Effectiveness, Innovation, Integrated and Titanium they are all at higher points value thatn the rest of Cannes Lions categories. As the difficulty of winning is much higher than the rest of all other categories at Cannes Lions.)


And this,

With each passing year, The B&W Report will add more important regional and international shows and review each award show, updating the points system based on the number of agencies participating and wins vis a vis the number of entries from the MENA region.

The B&W Report will add more Lists every year with the objective of representing the industry in more accurate segments. For instance, Top 10 Independent Agencies, Agency Producers, Digital Agencies and more.

Also as the number of winning work increases, The B&W Report will break down the categories even further. So the Most Awarded Campaign of the year, will soon be subcategorized to the Most Awarded Direct, Integrated, Social and more.

It’s going to be an exciting year ahead for the industry.

With pen and paper, we at the Black & White Report are ready.