B&W is an independent organization that aspires to recognize, reward and nurture creative excellence within the MENA region. 

Creativity is one of the fundamental driving forces that determine commercial success. We believe that the minds behind this creativity can only truly thrive in a paradigm that actively recognizes their efforts while also encouraging them to seek out new heights of excellence. 

To that end, B&W will spearhead a series of initiatives designed to not only acknowledge and reward existing individuals but also actively educating and developing the region's emerging talents.  

Our first initiative, The B&W REPORT will be published in February 2018.

The B&W Report. And why we exist.

The fact is, over the last decade, the MENA region has been outperforming itself year on year, setting new standards in the marketing and communication world. Be it on trophy shelves or in balance sheets, the numbers speak for themselves.

Yet, come the end of the year, there is no detailed benchmarking, no insight and no data relating to the region's performance. Nothing that can provide perspective on the progress everyone has made. Nothing that provides information on what work works and what work doesn’t. No analysis of everyone’s achievements, which could then be leveraged to help motivate talent to help the entire industry move forward.

Most importantly, there is no data that puts faces to the countless names that make great work happen.  

Who made it count? Who slipped? Who took the plaudits? And who, the spotlight?

But now it will all be B&W.


What now?

The Black & White Report aims to celebrate the people of the industry, both clients and agencies in equal measure. It aims to benchmark performances each year to help measure the progress and growth of every individual, company and brand based on the only thing that matters – the work.

Not only is this benchmark the need of the hour, it is also imperative to hear the voices of the people who stood out among their peers, and understand how they made it to the top of the list. These are the individuals who have distinguished themselves. Who are inspiring, creative pioneers of their brands and who exemplify the bravery to create. Who lead and produce ideas that matter for their brands, agencies and companies.

Today, the B&W Report will be the first chapter in a much bigger movement for the MENA region, enabling it to have a better understanding of its performance and creating a healthy environment of competition by providing perspective on where everyone stands.

At a very basic human level, everyone wants to be acknowledged for their marketing strategies and creative talent, which drive our businesses to success. And there’s no better acknowledgement of this than seeing one’s name in the spotlight. This is where the B&W Ranking Lists come in. To get in there, there’s only one way – to outperform everyone else. Thereby propelling an entire industry forward.

The B&W Report will combine and collate the winners lists from all of the most important international and regional advertising awards shows.

The first edition, due in FEB 2018, will kick off with the rankings of the Top 10, 15 and 20 Clients, Brands, Campaigns, Networks, Agencies, Media companies, Production Houses, Countries, CEOs, CCOs, ECDs, CDs, ADs, CWs, Planners and Account Directors. In the coming years, more categories will be added to segment the industry in an even sharper manner and to add micro lenses to each industry discipline.

Let the good times begin.